Professional Background

It all started in my sophomore year, 2007... That's when I started studying Visual Communication Design at Sabanci University. Beforehand I have had a general idea about what a designer does, but I was eager about experiencing it with hands on work. The lectures at the university were mostly theoretical so I decided to back up my practical know-how with a summer internship. I started working for Ajans Medya, where I had the opportunity to explore the colourful worlds of world-wide known magazines: TimeOut Istanbul, and Travel&Leisure as well as working for important global brands: Conrad and Hilton Hotels. After all it turned out to be more than a summer internship, I continued working there part time until my graduation in 2009.

After my graduation I was eager to explore more, first I started working for TUT (lately changed name to: Timucin Unan + Crew), overseeing Art Direction for Starbucks Turkey, and Building Information Centre. Then my responsibilities expanded such as working on launch/branding materials for Le Pain Quotidien and Pinkberry, working on layouts for Coca-Cola Life Plus Foundation, etc. Having been a big fish in a small pond, as a next step I was excited about working in a bigger team doing editorial design. Designing for Vogue Turkey has been an important threshold in my career. Besides discovering the fascinating fashion scene, I realised the magic of seeing the big picture and the importance of foresight as well as well planned and systematical working schedule.

In 2014 I started working for The Business Year as the Art Director, where I found more than enough room for new ideas and taking on responsibilities. It was fruitful 2,5 years with building the art team of 3 in-house designers,  leading re-branding of brand identity, publication and relaunch of the website as well as mobile apps, introducing new article formats and infographics, overseeing PR visual materials, social media visuals, and so on... Managing 360ΒΊ visual communication of a brand strengthened my background and skills, and prepared me for my next position as Creative Team Lead at Avon. I am proudly overseeing a strong team of 7, including Art Directors and Graphic Designers. As a team we are responsible for creating the artworks on the catalogue, including layouts, product shots, model/celebrity photo shootings. Making sure creatives are reflecting desired excitement on representatives and customers, and drive marketing department to successful financial results is the main focus of my job.

 Having worked for prestigious brands for over a decade now I still hold on to amateur spirit as I believe in life long learning. I am an ambitious visual storyteller with a practical approach to problem solving and strong sense of responsibility. Curious mind set, high motivation, and a strong team are crucially important for successful creative works. I am eager to be challenged in order to improve my know-how and skills.