This is Berin, an Istanbul-born visual explorer.

Nice to meet you!

Having an expertise of over a decade in the creative arena, I now hold the position of Creative Director for Amazon Fashion Turkey.

Visual communication is my obsession. I find it as a magical way to convey messages, thoughts, and feelings beyond words or any other known way of communication. Visuals have a natural power, because as people, we look before we read or even consciously see. What we perceive is always more than what we think our eyes see.

Building powerful visuals is harder than it might seem. Behind every ad you skip, every magazine page you turn in 2 seconds, every website you close immediately there is a tremendous amount of work, many rounds of revisions, and sleepless nights. If at a glance an ad, article or a website didn’t catch your attention either you are not targeted for that content, or sadly and most probably, something is wrong with the way it was visually communicated.

I believe in the magical power of visual communication, yet as in every other profession it requires a lot of hard work behind the scenes to succeed. What happens behind my scene is being open to be inspired at all times, reading to explore more of life, working hard, evaluating my work transparently, and collecting learnings from unsuccessful results.

The way I work is my lifestyle. I let my profession take over my life through my eyes and my mind. I love traveling, especially to see art and for inspiration hunt, also experiencing local cultures in different cities is eye-opening to me. Attending film, theatre, dance festivals, biennials, exhibitions, as well as other forms of visual arts are an organic part of my life. I enjoy reading and watching about digital developments, marketing, creativity, ecology, and healthy habits.

I like playing with clay, mostly for fun and to design functional objects.

I always look for some movement in my life... Having a 15-year certified experience in classical ballet, now I exercise reformer pilates.

To read my career story you can click here, or check out my LinkedIn for further professional information. Drop me a line if you'd like to collaborate, comment on my work or just to start a conversation.

Thanks for visiting my website.